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Meet the New Attorney General: Same as the Old Boss: Loretta Lynch Involved in $$Billion Cover-up


Eric Holder was a corrupt to the core Attorney General who took office with scarcely a peep from Republicans.  When he resigned Barack Obama nominated Loretta Lynch.  She too was passed into office by Republicans with barely a peep.

16-0111 Lynch1

Lynch may end up making Holder look like a transgender version of Mother Theresa.

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice [stonewalled]the release of documents that could implicate Lynch in a massive cover-up of Obama administration involvement in international money-laundering of Mexican cartel drug money.

In 2012, Lynch, as the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, oversaw the investigation of drug-related international money laundering allegations against London-based HSBC Holdings LLC.

WND published a series articles documenting charges HSBC laundered billions of dollars that traced back to the Mexican drug cartels, culminating with a $1.256 billion fine paid to the U.S. government to end the investigation and avoid the filing of criminal charges.

A whistleblower, former HSBC executive John Cruz (no relation to Ted,) called the settlement a fraud and accused HSBC of running a “criminal enterprise.”

The federal government’s unwillingness to prosecute HSBC was exposed by a former HSBC vice president and relationship manager in New York, John Cruz, who called the bank a “criminal enterprise.” Cruz was ignored by law enforcement authorities until he brought to WND 1,000 pages of customer account records that document his claims.

Cruz called the $1.92 billion fine the U.S. government imposed on HSBC “a joke” and filed a $10 million lawsuit for “retaliation and wrongful termination.” Whistleblowers in India and London joined Cruz in charging the HSBC settlement amounted to a massive cover-up.

In response to WND’s reporting of Cruz’s evidence, HSBC lodged a complaint that blocked Internet access to one of the WND stories, and senior reporter Jerome Corsi was fired by the New York City investment firm he had worked with for two years as a senior managing director, Gilford Securities.

WND also reported on evidence Holder’s Justice Department did not investigate money-laundering charges in deference to bank clients of his Washington-based law firm, where he was a partner prior to joining the Obama administration.

Needless to say none of this was even looked at by the major media during Lynch’s nomination and with her at the head of the Department of “Justice” I wonder if a major budget item has been paper shredders.

We have 12 months and nine days left of the criminal enterprise known as the “Obama Administration.”  January 20, 2017 can’t come soon enough.



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