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Do You Like Ben Carson’s Tax Plan?


Ben Carson went on Fox & Friends and introduced a new tax plan.  He’s directly addressing one of the most important issues facing the nation, and I think he’s got a really good start with this plan.  It’s a flat tax, no deductions and no exemptions and everybody pays something.

I’ve long been a big proponent of a flat tax and while I prefer a tax plan that eliminates business taxes entirely, this is an excellent start.

The real question for Carson right now is not his position on taxes but his campaign organization.  He’s had 21 people leave his campaign, including his campaign manager, just five weeks before the Iowa Caucus.  That is his biggest problem and how he handles that will make or break his campaign.

With respect to his tax plan, I’m hoping it reflects his position on governance and the role of the federal government.  I really like this

“Go back to the Constitution [and]recognize why taxation exists. It’s because we need money to run the government,” he said. “It’s not to control people’s behavior and do all these other things that have been added in with this 80,000 pages of tax regulations.”

Democrats use federal tax and federal funding (and so do Republicans) to force people into their preferred behaviors.  The best part of a flat tax is it eliminates the ability of the Congress to force behavior with taxes.  If we can ever get to a flat tax, and it will require a conservative President and a conservative (not necessarily Republican) Congress to do it, we can start to take power away from the federal government.

The biggest reason America has turned away from the founder’s vision of a free country is because we have career politicians and “pubic servants” who are in the game to get power.  Take away their power and we’ll see freedom return to our nation.

Good proposal Dr. Carson and I hope your campaign gets back on track so you can talk about it.


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