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There Are Laws Against Involving Children But the Unions Think Differently…


When you hear unions howling that their demands are “for the children” remember this…

Teachers unions have a strangle-hold on most American cities.  They’re working diligently, not to teach the kids, rather, they’re busting their butts to bankrupt cities in favor of teachers pensions, healthcare and wages.

16-0126 CTU 1

Teachers, and Chicago is today’s example, will use anything they can to choke the cash – and the life – out of their cities.

The Chicago Teachers Union is recruiting high school teachers to goad students into protesting for the union’s self-interests through a workshop this weekend.

The CTU workshop “Teachers Empowering Students for Social Change” is scheduled for 10 a.m. until noon Saturday to help teachers learn the best ways to convince their students to take action for the union’s causes.

Teachers unions are nothing more than tools of the very far left.  No matter that Chicago’s High School graduates can barely read at 6th grade level, they’re proud to be teachers.  That’s the best Chicago’s graduates have done in decades.  And their HS graduation rate is skyrocketing.  From 61% to 63%.  The national average is 81%.

They may not know how to read or make change, but they’ll know how to make demands from “the government.”

A Wednesday email endorsed by the CTU and sent by Teachers for Social Justice – a far-left radical faction of Chicago teachers – encourages teachers to attend if they want to “empower” students to “express purposeful dissent,” or “engage in civic action to bring about desired social change,” or “become involved in solutions to CPS’ teaching and learning problems.”

In essence, the union is calling on teachers to learn how to recruit students to protest on its behalf because, as the CTU wants the public to believe, “teacher issues are student issues!” according to the event flyer.

More unemployable social justice warriors.  Just what we need.  Well, “we” may not need them but the Chicago Teachers Union sure does.  They’re threatening to go on strike again.

Too bad Chicago doesn’t have a mayor with the guts to fire them if they walk out.

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