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How Lawmakers Stopped Part of Obama’s Assault on First Amendment


What Amendment in the Bill of Rights does Obama support? It certainly doesn’t seem to be any of them.

If America has any rights left by the time Obama is done it will be a miracle.

We have one year left of Obama and his tyranny.obamatrust

Check it out:

There is no question that the omnibus appropriations bill that Congress passed just before its holiday recess is full ofwasteful spending. Even worse, it completely funds Obama’s unilateral, above-the-law executive actions in almost every area, from his immigration amnesty program to his overregulation of power plants.

However, there is one area where Congress acted through the omnibus (and tax extenders bill) to stop part of the administration’s assault on the First Amendment.

The Proposed IRS Rule

At the end of 2013, the IRS proposed a new, restrictive regulation to change its definition of “campaign-related political activity” by nonprofit 501(c)(4) advocacy organizations like the NRA (National Rifle Association) and various Tea Party groups.

The overbroad rule would have seriously undermined the First Amendment rights of these organizations and their members and interfered with the regulation of candidate activity by the Federal Election Commission—the agency tasked by Congress with that responsibility.

The proposed rule was, in essence, an effort to legalize what Lois Lerner had done—targeting conservative advocacy organizations for their beliefs, opinions, and views by systematically harassing them and their donors with voluminous information requests and delays in granting their tax-exempt status.

This proposed regulation got more public comments than any IRS proposal in recent memory—the vast majority of which were opposed to the new regulation.

In a win for free speech, Section 127 of the omnibus prohibits the use of any funds by the IRS to issue any such regulation, including specifically the proposed regulation that the IRS published on Nov. 29, 2013.

Continue reading: Daily Signal

We need to make sure that no politician ever has this much power again.

We need to take away the power of the federal government and return it to the states.

This will have to be done once and for all.


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