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I Know it’s Early in the Year


It’s only 22 days into January and the “Dumbest Criminal of 2016” may have already been locked up.

Donte Hayes, 17, of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, was arrested after he scheduled a follow-up meeting with a woman he kidnapped, because he wanted to steal more money off her.

You read that right and here he is.

16-0119 Dumb1

This guy is stupid.

On January 3, at around 3 a.m. police said Hayes entered the victim’s house through an unlocked first-floor kitchen window.

Hayes then awoke the woman – who is in her late 70s – by tapping her on the shoulder with his gun, police said.

He demanded money from the woman; when she told him she had none in her possession, Hayes forced the victim to drive her car to an ATM on State Street in Media, where he ordered her to withdraw $2,000, according to police.

The teen allegedly told the woman that if she did not withdraw the money, he would kill her and her husband, who was still asleep back at their house.

Police said when the ATM would only allow the woman to withdraw $460, Hayes drove her back to her house, where he awoke her husband and ‘herded the couple’ into the kitchen.

Splain said Hayes spoke to the couple for about an hour and told the woman to meet him at a shopping center on January 4th.

Hayes said if one of them didn’t turn up, he would return to their home and kill both of them.

The police said the elderly woman asked him: ‘How will I know it’s you.’

The teenager assured her he would be in the same outfit he was wearing when he kidnapped them.

Yep.  Stupid.  I’m just waiting for the inevitable mom story, “he was always a good boy, he didn’t hurt them…” and of course, since he’s only 17, the story about how he was thinking about which college he was going to apply to.

As I said, “stupid.”

300 - Bad Day


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