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John Kerry: Iran Deal Includes Money for Terrorists [video]


John Kerry admitted the Obama administration has no problem funding terrorism by Iran.

The Secretary of State can’t bring himself to say that the Iranian government makes Genghis Khan look like Mr. Rogers.

“Some of which are ‘labeled terrorist’…”.  Labeled terrorist.

Of course they’re terrorists Mr. Kerry.  They’re Muslims and they’ve been funding worldwide terrorism since the early 80’s.  And yes, Reagan, Bush41, or Bush43 should have wiped Iran off the map, but at least they didn’t provide the means to fund worldwide terrorism.

They are still the Axis of Evil.  The only change I’d make to the original Axis of Evil is that I’d put every Muslim nation on it.

16-0123 Kerry LG

John Kerry should have been hung for treason in the 70’s.  He’s the perfect choice for Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

300 - Bad Day


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