Joe ‘The Plumber’: Actor Bradley “American Sniper” Cooper is a Lying Snake

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Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper was among 100 celebrities who signed a gushing letter to President Obama thanking him for his recent Executive Actions against gun ownership rights for Americans.

This is the same Bradley Cooper who portrayed “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and with director Clint Eastwood got the opportunity to make the film after paying a personal visit with Kyle’s father.


Eastwood and Cooper went to Hamilton, Texas, to meet with Wayne Kyle before production began on the movie “American Sniper.” The film is based on Chris Kyle’s autobiography of the same name and dad Wayne Kyle wanted his late son’s story to be told – but also to respect his late son’s life and honor.

They got a friendly Texas welcome from Chris’ dad – but also a very clear promise..

Here’s what the elder Kyle told the two Hollywood’ers who were in his home, looking for his blessings:

“… I liked them both. The fact that they came to Texas to meet with me showed they were serious about what they were going to do.

I liked Mr. Cooper. He was very respectful and honest and so was Mr. Eastwood…”

“.. I told them I would unleash hell on them if they did anything to disrespect my son.

Well, that was pretty straight-forward and of course both Clint and Bradley promised as only actors can, that they would respect and obey Wayne Kyle’s wishes. The film was made, released to rave reviews, big box-office bucks and go on to be nominated for an Oscar.

The letter in question  – referenced in the first paragraph above – from Bradley Cooper and other “celebrities” – to Barack Obama reads in part:

“… Thank you. Thank you for having the courage and leadership to take Executive Action on preventing more unnecessary gun violence in this country. We are deeply thankful for the actions you took this week.”

So now this pussified Bradley Cooper signs a letter with 100 other leftists congratulating President Obama for usurping the Separation of Powers in order to deny the Civil Liberties and 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans to bear arms? In clear violation of the Constitution?

Tell me Mr. Hollywood, was that part of your promise to “respect” Wayne Kyle’s son?

The very Constitution Chris Kyle swore an oath to, risking life and limb, serving his country – tour after tour after tour with a bounty on his head from the enemy – long after he could have stayed home? All who serve as Chris Kyle did, defend the Rights of this rich, famous, admired and oh, so brave actor Bradley Cooper.

These heroes fight, run toward the noise without regard to their own safety, get wounded and sometimes die to protect the Freedom of Bradley Cooper to now come out as believing that ignoring The Constitution is something to be congratulated..

Your move Wayne.Wayne-Kyle

Chris Kylechriskylebook1974 – 2013

joe-namath-tribute-to-chris-kyleThat’s Joe Namath’s bracelet honoring Chris


And that’s Bradley’s new girlfriend.. great time to be alive – isn’t it Coop?

You lying douche.

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