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I’m glad my lunch didn’t look like this when I went to school!


Republicans apparently don’t want to cross Michelle Obama and her school lunch program.  The Washington, D.C. version of the Republican Party looks just like the Obama version of the Democratic Party except, well, I can’t think of an exception right now.  Paul Ryan, in his first act as Speaker of the House, passed a budget that funds all of Obama’s priorities.  Then he came back and passed legislation to eliminate ObamaCare which Obama will veto and the veto will be upheld.  It was all for show.

They’re back at, only this time they’re bowing to Michelle.

16-0121 MO1

Michelle’s “signature initiative” is school lunches.  She doesn’t want kids growing up to look like her.

First Lady Michelle Obama and school nutrition experts have seemingly come to a truce over school lunch regulations after years of disagreement over federal restrictions imposed in 2012.

Legislation approved by the Senate Agriculture Committee on Monday would scale back whole grain requirements and delay further restrictions on sodium set to kick in next school year, the Associated Press reports.

In other words, this is what your kids’ lunch at school will look like for another two years.  Thanks in large part to Kansas’ spineless RINO, Pat Roberts.

16-0121 MO2


The possible compromise comes despite Michelle Obama’s vow to fight against any effort to weaken the federal restrictions on calories, fat, sugar, sodium, and other elements of school food “until the bitter end.”

It’s also a far cry from an unsuccessful Republican-led effort in 2014 to allow schools to opt out of the regulations entirely.

No question about it, Pat Roberts, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Michelle Obama know best what your kids should eat for lunch.

Except …

Research shows school food waste increased by more than $1 billion annually since the regulations were imposed in 2012, mostly because the government now requires students to take a fruit or vegetable, whether they want it or not. In many cases, students simply dump their greens in the garbage, EAGnews reports.

The Michelle Obama-inspired changes have also convinced more than 1.4 million public school students to drop out of the National School Lunch Program, which requires schools to adopt the nutrition changes in order to receive federal subsidies for needy students.

The situation has forced hundreds of schools to forgo the subsides to quit the federal lunch program in order to keep their lunch programs viable, as the federal restrictions rendered school food so unappetizing students would no longer eat it.

This November is going to be a line in the sand.  We’re either going full European Socialist or we’re going to elect a President who understands that Washington does NOT know best.

Donald Trump or Ted Cruz anyone?


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