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I’d Love to Know How Much Fox Loves Hillary: Wait – Here it Is!


Fox News is Evil!!! Or at least that’s what the left would have you believe.  “Faux” News – right-wing news, you’ve heard it all, right?

If that’s true why do they love Hillary so much?

You don’t think they love her? Let’s take a little look-see, after all this stuff is public info…

16-0128 Fox1

They’ve donated – their employees have – over $3,000,000 to Hillary.

Maybe that’s why they conspired with Google to hit Donald Trump in their debate.

CNN, on the other hand – LOVES Donald Trump, while Fox loves Hillary Clinton?


It’s not so strange when you do two minutes of investigation…

Hat Tip Washington Post

No matter what cable news channel you watch, you saw a lot of Donald Trump in 2015, and you saw a lot more of Hillary Clinton than any of her rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination. If you watch one network in particular, though, you saw a ton of Trump – almost twice as much as you saw of Clinton. And if you watch another leading network, you will have seen as much of Clinton as you did of Trump, and almost nothing about Clinton’s liberal challengers.

That Trump-loving network is CNN.

The one that talks a lot more about Clinton is Fox News.

It’s less strange than it sounds.

Clinton will end the year having nabbed about three-quarters of all the mentions of Democrats across all national news networks, according to Internet Archive data rounded up by the GDELT Project. Trump will end up with two-fifths of the Republican mentions, despite entering the race halfway into the year, and despite competing with a dozen other serious candidates for airtime.

It’s not entirely a fair comparison, because Republicans in general are getting more TV time than Democrats this cycle, but Trump is beating Clinton by about 40 percent in total mentions for the year.

Half of that advantage comes from CNN’s infatuation with Trump.

The breakdown for candidate mentions on CNN, FOX, MSNBC for 2015 is HERE: at The Washington Post


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