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How’s Raising the Minimum Wage Working out For You, Los Angeles?


Cities governed by “progressives” are in the process of learning that the real “minimum wage” is zero.  Los Angeles may think they can legislate a “living wage” at $15 per hour, but in fact they better be prepared to raise the welfare benefits paid to LA residents to that equivalent if they really believe it.

Los Angeles residents of impoverished Chinatown were shocked to learn on January 17 that the Walmart they pleaded for years to get would be shut down at 7 p.m. Sunday evening due to the city’s new $15 minimum wage ordinance, and union harassment.


Protesters demonstrate outside a Walmart store in Chicago November 23, 2012. Black Friday, the day following the Thanksgiving Day holiday, has traditionally been the busiest shopping day in the United States. REUTERS/John Gress (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT CIVIL UNREST POLITICS)

Nasty Walmart!  They won’t pay a living wage and they won’t give up control of their business to unions.  Who do they think they are?  They’re refusing to help the less fortunate, right?  That would be wrong.  It’s the City of Los Angeles that’s dishing out the pain.

Immigrant Hispanic and Asian residents of central Los Angeles campaigned for years for a “big box” retailer to locate in their economically depressed neighborhood to compete against liquor stores that sold a limited number of food items at very high prices. In September 2013, Walmart finally opened a 33,000-square-foot grocery and drug store in the Chinatown area.

Crowds flocked to the store for lower food costs, substantially cheaper pharmaceuticals, and even ethnic offerings.

That’s called “helping the less fortunate.”  But never fear, progressives and unions (but I repeat myself) will never let a good deed go unpunished.

But labor leaders immediately started protesting against the store for refusing to unionize, even though 100 Walmart employees refused to sign union cards.

During the November 2014 Black Friday protests in downtown Los Angeles led by the union-funded Movement Generation’s Justice and Ecology Project, thousands of protestors were bused in to protest against Walmart destroying downtown, even though the company only had one store in Chinatown.

According to Movement organizer Brooke Anderson, “As people deeply committed to environmental and climate justice, we condemn Walmart as a climate criminal and we stand side-by-side with Walmart’s workers organizing for $15 per hour, full time work, and the respect they deserve.”

During last summer’s union-led “Fight For 15” minimum wage movement in Los Angeles, Walmart was demonized on giant banners proclaiming, “Walmart Wages War on Workers” and “Walmart Wages War on Planet Earth.”

My empathy level has dropped to zero.  I’m thinking of starting a movement to give California back to it’s rightful owners, Mexico.  Let ’em starve to death in the dark.  It will be a good object lesson for the nation.

In other news, Walmart refused to open two additional stores in poor neighborhoods in Washington DC because of a $15 minimum wage and political pressure to fund a “family leave pool.”

16-0120 Walmart3

“Let ’em eat cake,” said the Mayors of LA and DC.  Legislation is pending in both cities to repeal the laws of mathematics.


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