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How’s That Iran Deal Going, Barack? [HORRIFYING VIDEO]


I really don’t have an appropriate list of adjectives to put in front of the words “Barack Obama” anymore.  None of them come even close to representing the joke he’s become on the international stage.

Here’s the latest example, and it really pains me to post this video.

It’s obviously a video of U.S. Navy sailors being taken captive by the Iranians.  Needless to say, the story fronted by the White House and the Pussygon doesn’t add up.  Here’s what Allen West has to say.

I find it odd that these Riverine craft were operating on an excursion from Kuwait to Bahrain. Why were they not hugging close to the coast line? Now, I also find it perplexing to be told that the engines of the boats malfunctioned. If that were the case, an immediate call should have been made and at least, aerial surveillance and support should have been dispatched. The next thing would have been immediate dispatching of a recovery vessel to support these two boats. Regardless of one or two boat engines malfunctioning, what should have happened after a distress call was all hands manning the boat weapons. They should have been in an immediate defensive posture to secure themselves until recovery was complete — or they were back underway.

I find it rather disturbing that any Iranian watercraft were able to approach these two heavily armored assault boats. My question would be, was the on-board radar equipment operable? If so, then the approaching enemy craft would have been detected. That being the case, the officer in charge should have reported contact, verified that they were not friendly, and taken action to defend his position, his boats. That means warning shots should have been fired, if not heeded, and then the full power of these assault boats levied against the enemy watercraft — with situation reports being sent to higher command. We need to know why exactly those actions were not taken — and if the young officer in charge was told to not take any action. And if so, by whom.

In other words, who told those crews to stand down?  We know the rescuers in Benghazi were told to stand down, who passed the order along here?

Virtually every news organization – even MSNBC – doesn’t believe the lie being floated by the White House.  Will they press the issue or will Obama and his cowardly administration get a pass on this one too?



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