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Hollywood Scumbag Going Where They Don’t Like His Kind


It’s Hollywood, I’m not shocked.  A Law & Order director just became a Law & Order episode.

Jason “Jace” Alexander — not the Seinfeld guy, but the TV Actor and Director best known for his Law & Order ties — pleaded guilty Tuesday to pornography charges, according to Deadline.

16-0121 LO

Alexander, 51, admitted to promoting and possessing child porn in the plea, roughly half-a-year after his arrest for the same reasons. At the time, CBS noted that the Westchester County DA’s office was able to download content featuring preteen and teenage girls that originated from an IP address linked to Alexander’s Dobbs Ferry home.

He’s going to get up to seven years.  That just doesn’t sound like nearly enough, I hope he serves it in general population.

300 - Bad Day


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