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Hillary Finally Right on Something


Hillary made a speech in New Hampshire the other day and she actually got something right.  One little thing.  Understand before you watch the short clip of a 40 minute harangue that the whole speech was a revisit of Apocalypse Now if Republicans Are Elected.  She talked at length about how her best friends and biggest donors on Wall Street are going to benefit from Republicans being elected.  Nary a word about why they’d be funding her campaign, but she is a Clinton.

Here ya go… Hillary’s right.

The “Affordable Care Act,” the act that has raised health insurance prices across the board and forced people to change doctors and health plans, the “Affordable Care Act” will be dead when Ted Cruz or one of a handful of other Republicans gets elected next November.  In fairness, several – Jeb! for instance – would more likely tweek it a little.

Hillary, ObamaCare isn’t loved by all.  In fact over half of the electorate hate it.  Me included.  So keep driving that point home.  Elect a Republican and ObamaCare is gone.  Oh my!


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