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Here’s a Cute Video: Brought to you by The Religion of Peace


The Religion of Peace is invading Europe, and especially Sweden.  The Swedes have the highest rate of rape in the world and it’s directly attributable to the Muslim invasion.  The Swedes, given their long history of respect for law and order and for the Golden Rule have taken radical action against the crime wave sweeping their country.  They’ve forbidden the press to indicate any information about perpetrators in their reporting.  That would be “racist.”  And their women can go fend for themselves.

Like this woman and her two kids.

Something quite unique happened to this particular perp.  He was actually identified and arrested.  And, he’s being deported to Syria.

Oh wait, I got that wrong.  He’s being deported to Denmark.

Ekstrabladet reports that, according to Ekrem Güngör, the man’s lawyer, the Danish authorities have confirmed to the Swedish authorities that they are ready to receive him.
I’m guessing that global warming is the cause of all this.  It’s been so cold in Sweden and Denmark it’s frozen their brains.


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