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Half-Naked Woman Does The Walk of Shame During Record Snowstorm!


OMG! You’re gonna love this one! Maybe this woman should have checked the forecast before making her plans for the evening. Better yet, maybe she should get a new boyfriend!

Millions of Americans didn’t even leave their apartments on Saturday during the crippling blizzard.

This woman, however, couldn’t have cared less.

Perhaps oblivious to the blistering cold, or spurred on by a bet, the unidentified brunette was captured on film running through Morgantown, West Virginia, in nothing but a white T-shirt.

This picture was tweeted out by Chandler Fowler from West Virigina on Twitter.

Fowler suggested one reason for the woman’s sparse attire.

‘The worst walk of shame the world and Blizzard Jonas has ever seen,’ Fowler wrote.

Clutching a jacket and pumps, the girl can be seen jumping from one foot to the other as she looks around for someone or something.

You would think, this chick with no brain would have made at least one simple observation…one being there’s nobody outside, and two being…there’s a major blizzard happening around her.

Well, I guess not!

By the way, to the date from the night before…what a loser you are for sending her out there! 

Want to see more?

I would have to say…she really doesn’t have a clue. Maybe she thought when they were talking about Jonas on the radio, they were referring to the Jonas Brothers and she thought it was a concert. Can you say airhead? Nevermind. No lady in their right mind would go outside half-naked. I did say lady though, didn’t I?


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