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The Government is “Failing” Transgenders?


This story comes from Britain but you can be sure it’s headed this way.

Transgenders are the new hot topic, after all.

“Bruce” Jenner took care of that.


Hat tip: Mashable

The British government commissioned a study on people who don’t believe biology is settled science and they came up with – surprise, surprise – a raft of recommendations for things the government must do to insure equality.

A new “x” category for British passports must be introduced, which would allow trans people to identify as neither male nor female.

The report also says the The Gender Recognition Act 2004 is “outdated” and “contrary to the dignity and personal autonomy of applicants” and called for the government to update the act.

The language used in the Equality Act 2010 — including the terms “gender reassignment” and “transexual” — was also labelled “outdated” and “misleading”.“Fairness and equality are basic British values,”

“Fairness and equality are basic British values,” said Committee Chair Maria Miller in an official statement. “Britain leads the world in recognising lesbian, gay and bisexual rights, but despite some welcome progress, we are still failing trans people in so many ways.”


The Iranians are on their way to nuke courtesy of Barack Obama and the progressives who run Britain.  Muslims are invading Europe with terrorists.  The “first world” governments are spending themselves into third-world insolvency.  And Maria is worried about people who flunked biology.  I’d also bet a month’s salary that she thinks weather is the biggest problem we face.


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