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We’re Going to Have Women in Combat, Transexuals on the Front Lines, and Now This!


The Obama administration has been having a field day with the U.S. military.  Women, transexuals, the military is now a culture training ground.

16-0127 Trans1

Note that this particular story takes place in the Swiss army, but since Obama wants the U.S. to look like Euroweenies you can bet it’s headed this way!

Next up for equal rights?


Yep, vegans.  I wouldn’t kid you about this.

A Swiss man is complaining to the Swiss government after being declared unfit for military service because his vegan beliefs mean he refuses to wear any leather.

19-year-old Antoni Da Campo has filed an appeal against the military who made the decision. Deputy spokesperson Gabriela Zimmer, of the logistics base of the Swiss army, told news site 24 hours, “the army sees the efficiency of large units, it cannot adapt to each individual.”

Zimmer went on to say that slight adaptions for things like food allergies such as gluten intolerance or specific religious beliefs that forbid certain foods or require prayer spaces, can be accommodated, but switching something so integral to the military uniform just isn’t feasible. People who aren’t willing to compromise are simply rejected for service.

Believe it or not this gets even weirder.  But since the story is about vegans, that shouldn’t surprise you.

Da Campo told 24 hours he has been a vegan since January 1st of 2015, convinced, like many vegans, of the ethics of not killing animals for food or by-products saying, “the enslavement of beings endowed with mental life not only poses an ethical problem, but also environmental, social and health.”

So this guy has ethical problems with killing animals for his boots.  Got it.

In wishing to join the army however, he appears to have no problems with the idea of potentially having to kill humans.

I told you it got weirder.

Vegans.  Where is Soylant Green when you need it the most.


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