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“Global Warming” Skeptics Can Lose Gun Rights Due To Executive Order


Now it is starting to make sense. Global Warming skeptics are always in the targets of liberals and now they have the ability to affect them.

People won’t want to challenge government’s stance on the environment if they risk losing their gun rights.

Obama’s executive order has been very confusing to me since it doesn’t do anything to fix crazy people hurting innocent. Now we see this is actually a bait and switch.


Check it out:

Americans skeptical of so-called “man-made climate change” could lose their Second Amendment rights under Obama’s latest executive order considering that psychologists have said “global warming” skeptics were “mentally ill.”

Over the past several years, various psychologists and media personalities have suggested “climate denial” is a “dangerous” mental disorder which threatens the lives of billions of people.

For example, in 2009 the the University of West England hosted a major conference on “climate change denial” but shockingly, the conference was organized by psychotherapists and psychologists.

And the University of Oregon’s Kari Norgaard suggested skeptics “must be recognized and treated” for their aberrant sociological behavior.

“The idea that ‘climate change denial’ is a psychological disorder – the product of a spiteful, wilful or simply in-built neural inability to face up to the catastrophe of global warming – is becoming more and more popular amongst green-leaning activists and academics,” journalist Brendan O’Neill reported. “And nothing better sums up the elitism and authoritarianism of the environmentalist lobby than its psychologisation of dissent.”

“The labelling of any criticism of the politics of global warming, first as ‘denial,’ and now as evidence of mass psychological instability, is an attempt to write off all critics and sceptics as deranged, and to lay the ground for inevitable authoritarian solutions to the problem of climate change.”

“Historically, only the most illiberal and misanthropic regimes have treated disagreement and debate as signs of mental ill-health,” he added.

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It is always interesting to see how you’re not allowed to have an opinion when dealing with liberals.

They act like they are the tolerant group, yet once you disagree with them you become an outlaw to them.

The strategy of liberals to control how we think is certainly impressive. They will teach their lies to our children and grow their numbers with the next generation.


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Jay Taylor is Senior Vice President of Political Strategy at Liberty Alliance and a graduate of West Virginia University with an MBA and Computer Engineering degrees. Jay oversees the popular websites Conservative Byte and Patriot Update.


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