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Georgia Gun-Grabber Dems Pushing Confiscation Bill


Democrats want your guns.  Period.  They’re not interested in “common sense regulations” they want confiscation.  Here’s Barack Obama in a moment of truth.

He really likes what Australia did.  They confiscated just about every gun in Australia.  And their violent crime rate has gone through the roof.  And only Muslims are now committing mass murders and they don’t count.

Democrats in Georgia have let their mask drop.

On January 11, Democrats in Georgia’s state house introduced a bill that bans “assault weapons” and opens the door for the “seizure” of such weapons, along with accessories like “high capacity” magazines.

The bill–HB 731–is sponsored by Mary Margaret Oliver (D-83rd), Stacey Abrams (D-89th), Carolyn Hugley (D-136th), Pat Gardiner (D-57th), Dar’shun Kendrick (D-93rd), Dee Dawkins-Haigler (D-91st).

From my dining room in the Land of the Free, I’d like to thank those bit ladies for their honesty on this issue.  I really hope you can get Barack to come down to Georgia and support your legislation.

A couple of quick points.  First, it’s interesting that they’re going after “assault rifles” since I doubt they even know what an “assault rifle” is.

Next, if their whole point – assuming they have one – is to reduce death by guns in the “black community” they’re going after the wrong guns.  Rifles of all kinds last year killed just a handful of people.  On the other hand, the weapon of choice in their neighborhoods is the semi-automatic hand gun.  Those aren’t mentioned in their legislation.

So once again, we’ve got bunch of hypocritical Democrats making fools of themselves for some publicity. But again, I do want to thank them for their honesty, as did this Georgia organization.

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