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Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros Does THIS on Live TV: AWESOME VIDEO!


The greatest thing about this video – besides the fabulous Anrea Tantaros – is how Geraldo’s face keeps getting redder and redder and Meghan McCain looks like she’s eaten a rotten lemon.

Watch Andrea rip Geraldo a new one:



Outnumbered favorite Geraldo Rivera appeared on the show as this episode’s #OneLuckyMan, but as the segment devolved into an argument with Andrea Tantaros, he probably wasn’t feeling very lucky at all.

The topic turned to refugees and the shouting match began.

Notice how Tantaros knows what she’s talking about through research and personal experience – while Geraldo can only say she’s wrong. He’s a blowhard.

No one can touch her… and yeah – I’m talkin’ to you!

Watch above as Rivera and Tantaros yell at each other and Geraldo makes a fool of himself..

I loved it when he invoked John McCain’s name and Meghan McCain basically tells him to shut up..

Love it. Love our Andrea.



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