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Firearms sales up 350% for one reason…


That’s right, sales of firearms are up 350%.  And we’re not talking about the U.S. sales as a result of Barack Obama’s latest effort at gun confiscation.  We’re talking about Austria.  As in Europe.  That Austria.  That place where Barack Obama thinks they speak “Austrian.”

Anyway, enough of that.  Barack’s not the reason Austrians are buying guns like there’s no tomorrow.

Gun sales have jumped 350 per cent in Austria amid ‘unease’ over increasing numbers of migrants following the Paris terror attacks, firearm dealers have claimed.

The final months of 2015 showed increases in gun permit applications, while dealers reported huge demand for self defence weapons such as tasers, pepper spray and blank firing-guns.

It comes just months after shotguns were reported to have sold out across the country as residents became increasingly paranoid about refugee numbers.

That’s right “migrants.”

16-0114 Migrants1

Or as they’re known in the real world, Muslim terrorists.  And why would the normally peace loving Austrians be buying up guns like crazy?  Well, maybe because everywhere Muslims migrate crime rates skyrocket and especially crimes against women.  Like rape.  And assault.

16-0114 Migrants2

I’m guessing that a 350% increase might not be enough, but at least it’s a start.


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