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Your Federal Government spends 1/2 a million dollars on this!!?


Rack this up to another episode, and a cheap one at that, of your federal government at work.  Who’s got the tar?  I’ve got some feather pillows.

The National Institutes of Health is spending more than $400,000 sending text messages to Latino men to encourage them to exercise.

The University of California, San Diego is conducting the study, which is attempting to employ the “low-cost” strategy of using cell phones to reach Mexican-Americans.

Got a match?

16-0120 Tar1

Let me get this straight.  We’re giving Mexicans cell phones so they can lose weight.  OK.

The study will conduct focus groups with Latino men to “identify cultural themes” to use in the text messages. Sixty Mexican-Americans will then be enrolled in the study for six months. The results will be compared with other men who do not receive text messages in their exercise education program.

The study – SO FAR –  has cost taxpayers $408,000.  SO FAR.  It will cost a lot more.  But it’s designed to help 60 fat Mexican men.  That would be $6,800 per Mexican.  The linked article doesn’t say how much each fat Mexican is expected to lose.  Let’s say 20 pound each.  That makes it $320 per pound.

Apparently Mexican man-fat is a more valuable substance than real Japanese Kobe beef.

That’s your government at work.  For YOU!

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