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Father Outraged By ‘Uncomfortable’ TSA Pat-Down on 10-Year-Old Daughter


Every day there seems to be another insane or absurd thing that happens, that really just makes you shake your head and say “What the heck!”. I’m sorry but this just makes my blood boil.

A 10-year-old girl received an “uncomfortable” TSA screening at a North Carolina airport after security officials found a juice pouch in her carry-on, according to her father.

Kevin Payne, of San Diego, says his daughter Vendela was meticulously patted down by a TSA agent for nearly two minutes after mistakenly leaving a Capri Sun drink in her bag at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Payne recorded the pat-down with his cell phone.


In a story from NBC News:

“She just had a completely blank stare on her face,” he told TODAY. “I could tell it was very uncomfortable for her.”

Agents swabbed Vendela’s bag after finding the juice, which is banned under TSA regulations for how much liquid passengers can bring on a plane, and got a false-positive reading for explosives on the bag, Payne said. A female TSA agent then did an extensive pat-down on the 10-year-old.

“What was going through my mind is, ‘This is annoying, I don’t like this, I want to run out of the door,'” Vendela told TODAY.

According to TSA protocol, “officers will work with parents to resolve any alarms at the checkpoint” and has modified screening procedures for children 12 and under that reduce the likelihood of pat-downs.

Read more here. What would you have done if this were your daughter or you were Kevin Payne?

Really? Seriously? That’s right! You just saw a young 10-year-old being patted down for a “Capri Sun”. Seriously? Would she be getting that same pat-down if her mother or her were wearing a burqa? I seriously doubt it. After all, we recently had 12 innocent people murdered in San Bernardino, California didn’t we?




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