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Execution or Suicide By Cop? WATCH Video of LaVoy Finicum Being Shot in the Back:


The video has been released in the shooting of LaVoy Finicum.  The angle is a helicopter shot and shows Finicum driving his truck into a snow embankment, attempting to elude authorities.

It both confirms and contradicts many of the stories being told, but investigators will always tell you that if all the stories line-up, it’s a sure sign that everyone is lying.

But he was shot in the back and killed. That part is clear.

What isn’t clear – if he was going for a gun – may never be determined definitively, but here’s the video, unedited – BELOW:

If ten people see something, you’ll get ten different stories and this one is going to be the same deal. It appears that Finicum has his hands up in the air, but he was believed to be armed and had just attempted to run a road block.

You want my opinion?

Looks to me like they executed him. They surely didn’t give him any help after shooting him in the back.

What we know is the State killed him. Why?

That’s a whole nother question for the government and the #whitelivesmatter crowd I guess.

I’m sure Al Sharpton is on his way there as we speak.


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