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Emails Show Hillary Aides – Constantly Complimented Her Looks


If someone has to be constantly complimented, I would say either that person has a problem with self-esteem 0r colleagues feel the need to constantly “suck up” to that person. Since Hillary doesn’t have a problem with self-esteem, it must be that her colleagues feel the need to “suck up” to her. We all know, if the aides are anything like her Secret Service detail there is no love lost. Afterall, if your morning begins like this, there are definite issues.

Good morning, ma’am,” a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton.

“F— off,” she replied.


Remember this photo? This came out after the public learned about Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server, and Clinton claiming she wanted to use only one mobile phone. I mean after all, God forbid SHE should have to use a different mobile phone for highly classified documents, right? What the heck, they are ONLY related to our National Security, what’s the big deal?

On New Year’s eve, when everyone was busy celebrating, Hillary Clinton released thousands of additional emails as required by law, too bad most of us were too busy celebrating a new year – hopefully one with her.

If you missed the news, here’s some of those emails:

When a photo of Clinton on her Blackberry started lighting up the Internet in April 2012, an aide forwarded it to Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills under the subject line, “Photo gone viral!”

Mills passed it along to Clinton, who wanted to know why it was so popular.

“You look cute,” responded Mills.

Undersecretary Judith McHale wrote her boss in May 2012 that she had seen an article mentioning how good Clinton’s hair looked.

“Fun seeing the great press you are getting on all things sartorial and hair related! Who would have thunk it in this stage of our lives,” McHale said.

And when a magazine featured Clinton on the cover, press aide Philippe Reines described the photo as “spectacular.” Longtime aide Huma Abedin agreed, chiming in, “It’s gorgeous.”

Are you kidding me? THIS is what her aides are writing about their boss who is a 68-year-old woman? This woman has issues. It’s called real, sincere and genuine relationships. Gorgeous? Cute? GET REAL! The next thing they’ll be saying is she’s sexy…….please excuse me while I go vomit. I bet after she loses the election the compliments will be fewer and farther between. 








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