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Don’t Go in the Deep End…and Those Water Wings Aren’t Going to Save You, Either! [video]


I wasn’t much of a fan of the movie “Jaws” in the 70’s. I’m sure it terrorized a few people about what was lurking in the ocean, and even made a few others afraid to venture into swimming pools. I know because I was lifeguarding at the time. For some, this incident in Florida might bring back some of those same fears.

A live shark was found inside a condominium pool in Hypoluxo, Florida, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Nicole Bonk was visiting friends at the Mariner’s Cay condo earlier this month when she saw two young boys carrying a blacktip shark, which had hooks in its mouth, and dump it into the pool at around 11 p.m. local time.


It seems the predator was about 5 feet in length. Here’s what Sarh Keates tweeted on Twitter:

5ft shark found swimming around in Florida pool, on the case img: Anne Roberts

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Seeing the shark was in bad shape, Bonk and her husband captured it and released it in a nearby waterway.

“These two kids, they came back from fishing and threw this half-dead creature into the pool as a prank,” she added.

Prank or no prank. If I were Nicole or anyone else at that condo, you certainly wouldn’t catch me in that water! If you’ve never seen a blacktip shark…..take a look for yourself. 

 See what I mean?…Who wants to go to the beach?


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