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Don’t Bring a Stun Gun to a Gun Fight: [CONCEAL-CARRY GOODNESS]


A retired Fresno County (CA) Deputy with a concealed weapon’s permit went head-to-head with some thugs armed with… a stun gun.

Want to know what happens? ME too:

Hat tip: ABC30


These suspects had the tables turned after they picked a victim who happened to be armed, and wasn’t willing to go down easy… hah!

At around 5:15 on Friday morning Fresno Police say a sanitation worker for the City of Fresno pulled up to the Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU) ATM Machine in River Park to get $20 out for his lunch. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the victim then heard a man say ‘It sure is cold out here,’ and as he turned around, the suspect attempted stunned him in the neck with a stun gun — then stunned him in the lower back.


Dumbass #1 on left. Dumbass #2 on right

The victim then made his way back to his car and grabbed the gun in the door — ordering the suspect to the ground. Investigators say initially the suspect, 32-year-old Jeremy Lynd of Elk Grove, complied until a woman, identified as 31-year-old Bobbie-Sue Alexandra Nicole Sevier of Ceres, pulled up yelling at the suspect to get in the car.

“And he did. She was driving out — ended up striking the victim’s vehicle while he was in it. At that point, he feared he was going to be struck by the vehicle, maneuvered his way around, and fired several rounds into the suspect vehicle,” said Jerry Dyer, Fresno Police Chief. Lynd intially got away but a bullet hit Sevier in the leg and police were able to arrest her.

Dyer said both suspects ran away. Lynd ran away into the fog, and Sevier ran into the Starbucks before she was arrested. Well, stumbled into the Starbucks – more likely.

Enjoy your Latte, idiot mittens..

Investigators later found Jeremy Lynd in Sacramento and arrested him as well. I just noticed that dude has a tatoo of hair. Pretty smart for a dumbass..

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