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Donald Trump on a Rampage in Florida!


That’s right, Donald Trump is ripping through Florida.  Rampaging.  You might think, based on months of media focus that Trump is down there calling people names and threatening to close mosques and build big walls.


You’d be wrong.

According to a just-released poll from Florida Atlantic University broadcast on MSNBC, in a 12 person Republican primary, Donald Trump is blowing the pack away in Florida with an incredible +32 point lead. The billionaire businessman currently enjoys 48% support in the Sunshine State, a +12 point jump from November.

But, but Jeb! is the favorite son in Florida.  He’s their former governor and he’s worshiped down there.  Just ask him!  Or Mario!!  He’s their sitting Senator.  He’s “the man.”

Well, it seems, no he’s not, and no he’s not.

Mario’s in third, behind Ted Cruz at 16%.

Just as stunning is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’s collapse in his home state. The Florida Senator lost -7 points, and now sits at just 11%. Jeb Bush, a former two-term Florida governor, sits at just 10%.

Oh my.

The really big loser in all this is the Republican Establishment.  They – Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, etal – just haven’t figured that out yet.  They’re in denial and unfortunately, that’s not a river in Egypt.

16-0120 Paul1

I’m thinking in December it just may be time for a new 12-Step group.

Establishment Republicans Anonymous

Hello, my name is Paul …


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