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Why is Donald Trump Important?


This is not about Donald Trump, Presidential hopeful. This is about Donald Trump the CEO of the Republican primary process.

Negotiating and changing the pattern of previous primary cycles.

He has kept the establishment irrelevant and on the defense.


Like him or hate him, Donald Trump has entirely changed the landscape of the Republican primary this year.

He has inflated the numbers of those paying attention to the primary process by astounding numbers.

Even Jeb agrees, recently stating on Face The Nation: “He knows what he’s saying. He’s smart. He’s playing you guys like a fiddle, the press, by saying outrageous things and garnering attention,” Bush, a former Florida governor, said on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Of course, Jeb also said this:


Shown best in the growth of the debate audiences, Trump has brought many to pay attention to the Republican primary season and that has benefited every candidate immensely. This during a time historically ignored by the bulk of the voters and the media.

He brought out 4 times the expected historic viewership as in past cycles just in the first debate. Every candidate was given a huge audience as well and benefited greatly from that increase. The Republicans won as well.

Iowa Caucus research this summer showed Donald Trump waking up a gaggle of “Reagan Democrats” and Republicans who had fallen out of interest in the last few election cycles.

Besides injecting needed energy into the Primary Season and expanding the audience, Donald Trump has negotiated control of the discussion out of the hands of the media.

Ever ask yourself the question, “Why would anyone running for office say that?” when Donald Trump says something outlandish?  Well, you are correct! They generally don’t!

He has made the discussion Political Correctness.

Political Correctness has to fall if we are to win.

I interviewed Rick Perry and Rick Santroum last cycle. I asked them the same question. “What would President Perry or Santorum do with the bully pulpit to destroy political correctness. If political correctness is destroyed, ‘We the People’ can fight the fight the issues and win.”

Donald Trump, CEO of the Republican Primary has been knocking political correctness to the mat.

Donald Trump has proven that you can campaign openly, without being ‘politically correct’, and still hold high numbers. He has also opened a number of discussions that are fought almost entirely by political correctness by the left. He says the extreme, then the discussion begins.

He has manipulated and aggravated the media and the establishment.

Donald Trump wrote one of the debate questions.

In November, when asked about his possible running mate, Donald Trump gave the non-traditional response of putting out a name, “Ted Cruz is now agreeing with me 100 percent,” according to Lifezette.

Then just days before the debate, Trump throws out the word Maniac when asked about Ted Cruz.

The question comes, sure enough. “You chose Ted Cruz as your Vice President, but then just last week you called him a maniac?”

The days political discussion had centered around the inevitable showdown between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and instead all they got was a game of good cop, bad cop.

Trump looks up at the ceiling and simply said, “I did?” to be followed, I have gotten to know him over the last few days, and he is is a good man.

It is well reported  that the two have a very ‘cordial’ relationships based on ‘mutual’ respect and interaction.

Donald Trump had not “just gotten to know” Ted Cruz…

Before you start shouting because you love Trump or screaming because you hate him.

A  Ted Cruz presidency has always been a dream presidency. There was a long time when I just did not see a path to win based on previous patterns in the Republican primary season.

Donald Trump from the beginning has changed that pattern.

In the past the establishment members of the party chose one, let him ride establishment approval as the opposition fights it out, and run with it at the end with seemingly unlimited resources.

Donald Trump changed that.


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