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Does This Sound Familiar?


Democrats want peace in our time. And they’ll do anything to get it, in John Kerry’s case, even committing treason.

Democrats have a very long history of advocating for peace with butchers: Watch the video BELOW and tell me if it doesn’t scare the crap out of you?

Right now they want “peace” with the “Religion of Peace.”

Before that they wanted “peace” with the Communists who butchered about 100 million people before the Berlin Wall came down.

Before that, well, there was the Peace with Hitler movement.

At least they’re consistent.  They side with the people who want to butcher Americans.  They’re still on the same path today, and by God! they’re proud of it.  Just ask Hillary or Bernie.

Or Barack, who refuses to admit that Islam (that would be Muslims) are at war with us.

November may well decide the fate of the West.  And the world.



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