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Do You Agree With Trump?


Donald Trump has said a lot of outrageous things since he began his Presidential campaign.  Most of them have, to the shock of the liberal media and the Republican establishment, hit a strong chord with the American people.

16-0112 NFL1

So far he’s taken on Mexico, illegal aliens, Muslims, and political correctness.  All things that are the heart and soul of the Democrats, the media, and the establishment Republicans.  Now he’s taking on the people who own a day of the week … the NFL.  How is that going to fly?

America isn’t just “soft,” it’s “feminized.”  The U.S. military for example, all the services but the Marine Corps have made their boot camps coed.  And the recruits are allowed access to telephones and time off.  Last week the Navy ordered the Marines to make their boot camps coed.  We’ll see how that flies.

The far left wants women in combat.  Why aren’t they calling for women in the NFL?  Or the NBA?  Why doesn’t every major league baseball team have to reserve half their lineup for women?

Is the NFL right to try to reduce helmet contact?  There’s every indication that repeated contact like that causes irreversible brain injury and death.  Go see the new movie, “Concussion.”  Honestly, I don’t know what the NFL should do and since I don’t follow football, I don’t really care.

I do care about America though.  And I really care about our military, I’m a Marine Corps dad.  Women have no business in a coed boot camp and, with the current exception of the Marines, boot camp is nowhere near tough enough.  That mentality spills over into the Rules of Engagement that handicap our soldiers and Marines when they’re under fire and it costs lives.

What we’re seeing in the NFL and more importantly in the U.S. military, is the fruit of the “change” that Barack Obama promised us – and that the Republican establishment supports.  If the nation’s leadership doesn’t change direction immediately, America will be as powerful on the world stage as Zimbabwe.  And that’s exactly what Barack Obama and the Democratic Party want.

Is Donald Trump the guy to really Make America Great?

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What do you think?  Tell us in the comments.


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