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Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Continues to be an Unmitigated Ass-Wipe


Growing up in an ethnic neighborhood, I learned many things about history. Here’s an important one:

You don’t call somebody a Nazi, unless they’re a Nazi. If you do, you’re not just an ignoramus – but you are invoking the idea that whomever your vitriol is aimed at is capable of marching millions of people into ovens, experimenting surgically and chemically with live humans, torturing and starving people to their deaths and do I need to go on?


Enter Natalie Maines, of Dixie Chicks fame.

First of all, Natalie – you are an a-hole of the worst kind. I grew up in a place where some elderly folks had tatoos. They weren’t some stupid-ass, deal-breaker tramp-stamps either.

They were numbers on their arms.

Did I mention you’re a worthless tool, Natalie? You are.

Do you remember when Ms. Dicksie Chick went on-stage in London and said she was ashamed to be from Texas because of George W. Bush?

Then she walked it back when it started affecting record sales – but her colors were out there and they aren’t red, white and blue – trust me.

Now – she has her ugly sites set on another Texan – the honorable Ted Cruz. She Tweeted out that she was ashamed that she was from Texas because Senator Cruz also is.

When someone DARED to challenge her – here’s her response:

“That kind of thinking is what brought on this disaster” – coupled with the pic below:


Oh sure, she has since took it down, but you’re busted for continuing to be an ignorant slob, Natalie.

I know Ted Cruz – he’s a good Christian and Natalie – you need to pull your head out of your ass and ask forgiveness from God and all the people who actually suffered because of ACTUAL Nazis.

You’re aging like old milk, hun – you don’t need to be uglier than you already are…


I’ll forgive you too…tomorrow.


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