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Democrats Vote Against Real World Experience in the Classrooms


Education has a number of fundamental problems in the U.S.  High on that list, especially at the high school through college level, is the fact that teachers generally don’t have a clue what the real world looks like.  They’ve immersed themselves in “education” and rejected reality.  The higher you go, the worse it gets.

The most obvious example of this is that the only place on earth you find real Communists is on university campuses.  The rest of the world recognizes Marxism for what it is and has long ago rejected it.

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Which brings us to today’s topic.  “Educators” in Wisconsin are rebelling against the legislature (controlled by Republicans) and the Governor (a Republican) because … horrors … the legislature wants to amend the law to allow people with real world experience to teach school without the bother of a degree in “education.”

If there are qualified people out there who can help kids learn, why not let them?

That was clearly the thinking of the majority of members of the Wisconsin State Assembly Education Committee, who approved a bill Thursday that would expand alternative licenses for potential vocational education teachers who come from various industries and lack formal teacher training.

The state already has a program that provides “experience-based” alternative teacher licensing for technical education teachers.

Now K-12 school officials are asking for an expansion of that program to attract candidates for hard-to-fill vocational education teaching positions in business, marketing, agriculture, child care and other academic disciplines, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

That sounds like not just a reasonable idea, but a fantastic idea.  Hire teachers with real world experience to teach kids what the real world is like.  Who could be against that?  Well, the usual list of people who have reduced the value of a high school diploma to worthless.

The teachers unions – what’s left of them after Scott Walker’s Act 10 – “educators” in the State Department of Education, and Democrats.  “Why?” you might ask.

But it’s worth noting that there was opposition to the bill on the committee. The vote was 11-5, with every Republican supporting it and every Democrat voting no.

“Critics, including the state Department of Public Instruction, the state’s largest teachers union and university schools of education have raised concerns, saying the measure will lower the bar on teacher standards,” the Journal Sentinel reported.

The “no” votes make sense from a political standpoint. The university schools of education have long had a monopoly on teacher development, which guarantees their continued existence and preserves a lot of jobs.

Alternative certification programs threaten that monopoly.

The union members come from those university schools of education, and many believe their way is the only way. The Department of Public Instruction is run by State Superintendent Tony Evers, a Democrat with strong ties to the union.

And Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin accept a lot of campaign contributions and support from the teachers union. Thus the five “no” votes on the Education committee.

You can bet your last dollar that the Obama Department of Education will be opposed as well.

The cabal that opposes this legislation is the same group who will fight to the death against charter schools and home schooling, even though their schools “graduate” kids who can’t read or do basic math.  See Chicago, Washington DC, Baltimore, and any city school system.  In New York City 80% of high school graduates require remedial English and/or math to get into Community College.

You’re thinking that Wisconsin is a purple state in flyover country.  You can’t compare Wisconsin to the inner cities of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and Washington DC.  They’re surely better in cheese country.  Oh really?

Just how well are traditionally-trained teachers doing in Wisconsin? Perhaps the answer can be found in the results of the Badger Exam – taken by students in grades 3-8 across the state – which were released earlier this week. Only 51 percent tested proficient or advanced in reading, and only 44 percent hit the mark in math.

No they’re not.

It’s long past time to break the Democrat/Union/Educator cartel that is destroying our public schools and our kids.  Putting your children in public schools is child abuse.


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