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Decrepit white Democrats agree to agree on being disagreeable


On the eve of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, decrepit white Democrats agreed to agree on being disagreeable.

For undecided black voters, the three candidates have some different attitudes toward black people.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has never met one.


Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley while Mayor of Baltimore helped them kill each other.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, if it gets her enough votes, will pretend to be one. She has the spirit of Rachel Dolezal and Rupaul inside of her.

After the debate, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow interviewed a Democrat debate audience member torn between Clinton and Sanders.

On MLK Day, I have a dream that one day we will judge failed Democrat presidents and nominees by the content of their lack of character and not give them a free pass because of the color of their skin or their gender.

To honor MLK, liberals should stop getting blacks killed in every city liberals run.

The Democrat debate was two hours and featured zero mentions of Israel. Liberal Jews did not get the memo: #‎BlackLivesMatter. Jewish lives do not. Liberal Jews love Democrats, who in return feel nothing.

For those who wonder why Americans were talking politics on a Sunday, blame Democrats. Scheduling a Sunday night debate tonight showed zero respect for American culture. Normal people on Sunday wanted to spend time with their families. They watched football, enjoying a pair of NFL playoff games. Many Christian went to church and hoped that Sunday evening would be for the family to have dinner together.

Democrats insist they are not anti-Christian, anti-family, or anti-normal American. The timing of this debate suggested otherwise.

The purpose of holding a debate when almost nobody would be watching was so that almost nobody would watch it. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz runs the Democrat National Committee, and she has made it her mission to rig the Democrat primary for Hillary Clinton. Since Clinton drops in the polls the more voters see of her, debates are held  in the dead of weekend night.

The three Democrat nominees still cannot decide if they want to fix a broken nation or continue successful policies. When you stand for nothing, you say anything.

Hillary Clinton wants to bring Americans together. This is hard to do since she hates half of us.

Many blacks and non-blacks wondered who were the zombies standing at the podium. Democrats have been unable to find any non-decrepit candidates without one foot in the grave.

Clinton claimed that 90 people a day die a day from gun violence in America. She makes numbers up. At least four people in Benghazi died because of her.

Clinton claimed that there is ”systemic racism in our criminal justice system.” In full pander mode, she insisted that too many blacks are in prison. One solution she did not consider would be to arrest white Democrats including Bill Clinton.

FDR and JFK were rolling over in their graves. Democrats proudly accepted the mantle of being pro-criminal, pro-drugs, pro-crying protesters, and anti-anything normal Americans believe.

With Iran building a bomb, ISIS winning, and radical Islam out of control, Democrats advocated demilitarized police and criminals freed.

Hillary did not want a contentious debate. She wants us all to shut up and agree with her. Americans should agree that she is wrong on everything.

Hillary Clinton said she was concerned about the corrosive effect of money in politics. Bernie Madoff is now concerned about Wall Street fraud.

Bernie Sanders lied when He said Democrats are supported by workers. Democrats are supported by parasites who protest employers all day.

Clinton said that ”No individual is too powerful to jail.” She does not own a mirror.

She was referring to Wall Street. Democrats love bashing Wall Street. Wall Street creates jobs. When has a Democrat ever created a single job? Many Democrats have never had a job. That is why they vote Democrat to being with.

Democrats plan to pay for all their promises by spending more. Hillary and Bernie are the doctors who drew blood from Abe Lincoln.

The correct answer for any climate change question is that nobody except rich white liberals care. The rich white liberals on stage got that question wrong.

Bernie and Hillary hate fossil fuels. They would know. They are fossils.

On Syria: Hillary has a three-point plan involving zero ground troops. She also has a one-point plan to lie to voters to get elected.

O’Malley is offended by the military term “boots on the ground.” Like most liberals, a large chunk of military personnel believe he needs a boot up his hide.

The candidates said they would get rid of Assad by working with Iran and Russia, who support Assad. This explains why Hillary and Bernie want legalized drugs. They were high as kites during the debate.

After 75 minutes, Democrats finally talked foreign policy. It was a foreign concept.

Despite rumors, Bernie Sanders is not pregnant. His bong water just broke. Hillary Clinton meanwhile promised that one day she would give birth to a single good idea.

Hillary Clinton is scared to death to criticize President Barack Obama. With one phone call, he can have the FBI arrest her. She is his wholly owned chattel.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is terrified of Hillary Clinton. Most men are, but he really is a pansy.

HillaryClinton was not asked why she stayed with Bill Clinton after he sexually assaulted Martha Washington and groped Abraham Lincoln’s wife.

“I spent a lot of time last week being outraged…” Finally, near the end of the debate, Hillary Clinton revealed the truth about something. There is a one point plan for her: Be quiet and stop complaining.

The debate did not change the campaign narrative. Sanders is a likable crackpot. OMalley is a sincere failure. Clinton is a vile phony. This is the best Democrats have.

Democrats should elect a proctologist. Somebody has to take the entire Democrat Party and remove liberal heads from their hides.

After the debate, Clinton and Sanders screamed at a Walgreens clerk demanding to know why Depends are so expensive. Bill Clinton snuck away to try and get Andrea Mitchell out of hers.


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