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How Dare a School Have Rules Like “Thou Shall Not Kill”


Or “Thou Shall Not Steal.”  Or “commit adultery.”  The audacity of “those” people.  Trying to tell everyone how to live and shove God down people’s throats.  After all, it’s a school.

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The junior high school has had a stone copy of the Ten Commandments in front of the school since 1957.  Apparently it’s been offending people for almost 60 years.

A Pennsylvania junior high school is moving a Ten Commandments stone monolith from its campus after a $64,000 court battle resulted in a judge ruling the display unconstitutional.

commandments“It doesn’t matter what the cost was, it was a fight that needed to be fought,” David Show, organizer with the group Thou Shall Not Move, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “That’s something that should not be a problem in our schools.”

The Tribune-Review headline put the fight into the proper secular perspective.

Connellsville Area School District paid $64K in dispute to keep religious stone

“Religious stone.”  Offensive thing.  If you’re interested in just how offensive it is, you can follow the comments here.  I would suggest a stiff drink before clicking on the link.

In case you were wondering, religion apparently no longer has a place in American life.  Unless you’re a Muslim.


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