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Cruz, Trump, Rubio, or Fox: Who Really Won? I’ll tell you and not hate you.


Senator Ted Cruz said at the start of Thursday’s debate; “I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly and Ben you’re a terrible surgeon…”

Megyn Kelly had asked Cuz to comment on “the elephant in the room” (boy was there a terrible Chris Christie tee-ball or what?) and the Senator “joked” about that being the “Donald Trump portion” of the debate.


Attention Cruz campaign: You’re the best, but get a new joke-writer.

But who won? CNN broadcast Trump’s Veteran’s event (Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum showed up, even though they had to speak with a “Trump for President” sign in front of them), Fox had the debate, Cruz got most of the attention and Rand Paul got to be at the adult table with Trump’s podium empty.

Did you watch the debate?

Did you watch Trump on CNN?

All in all, I think it was a mistake on Trump’s part. This is my opinion, so everyone relax and maybe just have your own opinion in the comment section? I’ve said it many times, I love what Trump is doing – attacking political correctness, the establishment and the media – but I just think this was a tactical error.

And a missed opportunity, once Trump made the decision to not attend.

debate 28 trump

Think about this: Had Trump taken Cruz up on his challenge to go one-on-one, Cruz also drops out of the Fox debate and if they go at it in the same time-slot – I think they could have effectively knocked everyone else out of the race. Seriously.

Before you Trump people start screaming (you’re starting to act a little like Ron Paul people, btw), I’m not knocking Trump, but honestly I don’t think he could hold a candle to the Senator in an extended one-on-one.

Cruz has the edge when it comes to debating long-form. And he’s more knowledgeable.


But Trump tweeted out this pretty sharp joke / jab regarding the issue:

“Even though I beat him in the first six debates, especially the last one, Ted Cruz wants to debate me again. Can we do it in Canada?”

Not bad, but I am hating how everyone is hating on each other here: Stop with the vitriol and invective against everyone who isn’t your favorite. Joking and jabbing is okay – comes with the territory – but lately I’m seeing nothing but pure HATE coming out of GOP supporters, who sound more like Liberals with the angry sniping. Let’s not have a repeat of 2012 where conservatives, libertarians and Republicans rip each other to shreds during these primaries.

No, I don’t want a “civil debate” and yes, I want a Civil War – but not against each other. Criticism, pointing out the past, differences of opinion and comedy are one thing – but stop with liberal / Alinsky tactics. Yes, I’m looking at you, Marco Rubio and your supporters…

Republican presidential candidates from left, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and John Kasich take the stage for the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

I do believe this is classic Tortoise vs. Hare. Cruz will slowly but surely cross the finish line first. I really hope Trump doesn’t fold up tent if he doesn’t win the primary. Cruz could make him “Wall Czar” and Trump could make a Reality Show out of building the wall and legal citizens coming through the “Yuge Door”… would be great.

I love how Fox News dragged in a Muslim activist, far-left Bernie Sanders supporter to ask a question. Does that mean during the next Dem debate, Hillary will be questioned by a Christian, NRA member, Benghazi survivor or victim of her husband’s predatory sexual shenanigans?


Doubt it…

We’ll never know the real reason(s) Trump wasn’t at the debate, but FOX comes out looking bad methinks – all in all. Why don’t they get some people from business or other industry to be a moderator? Ratings, I guess.

Hey Fox – you want ratings? You should have offered Trump the opportunity to moderate Thursday night’s debate. There’s your Super Bowl ratings.

And what’s with the stupid Youtube stars and Google being involved? Who cares? What’s next – Tinder users swiping the candidates left or right live, based on their answers? Sick of all this social media interaction – like anybody gives a damn.

Despite its immense popularity, some candidates apparently didn’t get the memo about what YouTube is and Jeb Bush has the funniest GOP debate quote of the night by referring to it as “the YouTube.”

Jeb responded to a question from “Dulce Candy,” a make-up tips YouTube star (the Bernie Sanders supporter, Muslim and Amnesty activist pictured above).

Bush congratulated Candy on being a successful entrepreneur of “the YouTube”.. yikes.


Cruz is smart to try to frame the race as a one on one choice between him and Trump.

My favorite part of the night:

Chris Wallace to Ted Cruz: “Everybody in DC hates you…”
Cruz: “yep.”

That’s the guy you want. The one who is hated by all the right people. A little background:

Democrats and Republicans, the press, the power establishment and old money all despised Ronald Reagan in 1976 for primarying Gerald Ford (who was never elected President or Vice-President, btw). The Bush family, the Howard Baker wing of the GOP establishment, the Ford family – the Karl Rove’s of their day all hated Reagan.

Two landslides and 30 years of uninterrupted prosperity soon followed.

My friend of 25 years, Andrew Breitbart wrote a great book – mostly about political strategy, called; “RIGHTeous indigNATION” and you should read it because it applies more now than ever.


Personally I think these debates are stupid and there’s too many of them. It gives the Dems a lot of ammo and right now too much of the GOP, conservative, libertarian voters are ripping each other too harshly and waaay too over the top. These are the tactics of the left – let’s not adopt them to use against each other. Save it for when we battle the Maoist wannabes in the General Election.

Again, my opinion.

A pretty fair polling organization, Public Policy has a brand-new Iowa poll, conducted in partnership with Progress Iowa. It continues to find Donald Trump leading in the state.

Trump’s at 31% to 23% for Ted Cruz, 14% for Marco Rubio, 9% for Ben Carson, 4% each for Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, and Rand Paul, 3% for Carly Fiorina, 2% each for Chris Christie and John Kasich, and 1% each for Jim Gilmore and Rick Santorum.

Looking at that, Cruz has been falling, but remember – this is a Caucus, not a typical primary State – so anything can happen.

There are still a lot of votes on the table in Iowa- 31% of likely caucus goers say they could change their minds between now and Monday. Trump benefits from having the most firmly committed support though- 80% of his voters say they’re firmly committed to him compared to 71% of Cruz’s and 65% of Rubio’s among the other leading contenders. Among voters who say their mind is totally made up, Trump’s lead over Cruz grows to 12 points at 36/24. The only other candidate whose supporters are as committed to him as Trump is Rand Paul- that should help Paul to finish 5th or maybe even slip into 4th if enough of Ben Carson’s supporters peel off to other candidates in the closing stretch.

Among supporters of the also rans, 50% say they’d vote for Cruz if they had to pick between the two leading contenders to only 21% who say they would cast their lot with Trump. Overall Cruz leads Trump 47/40 head to head- supporters of all 10 other candidates say they would vote for Cruz before they would vote for Trump.

That means Cruz still has the real potential for victory if he can get enough of those people to gravitate to him in an effort to stop Trump.

Seemed like Ron Paul’s following came out for Rand last night and were their usual obnoxious selves, screaming about everything the guy said. It’s for that reason I can’t stand using debates as a measure of a leader.

A perfect case is Ben Carson.

The doctor is soft-spoken. He always has been – he’s a doctor for cry-eye, what do you expect? And yet people say that’s a negative. No it’s not, it’s just someone who takes their time and thinks before they speak maybe?

I like that. I love Dr. Carson – just not for President now. Maybe 8 years from now, hint, hint.

And is it me, or does Marco Rubio just ooze phony? I really do like him personally, but he seems awfully opportunistic and canned.

rubio funny

Enough with your Faith, we get it – you’re a Christian. So am I, but I don’t mention it everytime I open my mouth – it’s annoying and people who do that make me think they’re trying to convince themselves, not me.

By the way, if I never see Megyn Kelly again – that would be okay. What’s with the eyebrows and hair? You look like Miley Cyrus.

Kelly is pompous and really not as smart as she thinks. She’s the female Bill O’Reilly, expecting everyone to kiss her ring because she has ratings.

Well, Kelly, so does Kim Kardashian and I don’t want to kiss her ring or anything else.

Especially since Kanye got there first:kanyebruce

Bottom line: Hey GOP – you’d better get your act together before November or I’m oughta here – and I’m not kidding. ObamaCare must be repealed and illegal immigration dealt with.

Anybody who thinks Trump will get rid of socialized medicine does not know much about him and the Republicans have had the House since 2010 and have only enabled and fully-funded ObamaCare since.

I do agree illegal immigration is the biggest and most important issue, but ask yourself: Who has been fighting this fight for five years and who has been fighting it for five months?

Personally, I’m #CruzCrew obviously. This column / article / blog wasn’t “hateful” I don’t think, but hopefully you don’t think so either – even though I take pretty hard jabs at people. In other words, enough with the hate, okay? I hate it.

I’d rather have Trump in the debates, if you’re wondering. And so should you, no matter who your favorite is. Trump draws millions of people from both parties to hear your candidate’s views.

That’s a good thing.

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