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Cruz Predicts Increasingly Nasty Run-up to the Iowa Caucuses


On a conference call today with state leaders from across the nation, Ted Cruz repeatedly told supporters that he expects the race to be over by March and that it’s going to get increasingly nasty as it gets closer to the Iowa Caucuses.


In a story from Politico:

The political attacks, he warned, will get “uglier and uglier and uglier.”

He added:

“We’re winning right now, and as a result, I want to tell everyone to get ready,” he said on the call. “Strap on the full armor of God. Get ready for the attacks that are coming. We’ve already seen hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in attacks directed at us. Well, I went to tell you that come the month of January, we ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Still, Cruz observed at several points during the call that he expects that the race will finish well before the end of the primary season in June, saying “there’s a very good possibility that the Republican primary will be decided by the end of March.”

“I want to encourage everyone to get ready, because starting tomorrow morning, we are in a 90-day sprint to win this nomination, and then to turn around and win the general election,” he said. “To defeat Hillary Clinton in November of 2016 and to turn this country around.”

The conference call came just one day after the announcement that the Cruz campaign had raised over $20 million in the last three months.

Cruz went on to say:

“There’s an old line, if you’re not taking flak, you’re not over the target,” he said. “If we were sitting here on Dec. 31 and no one was attacking us and no one was going to be attacking us, I would be deeply, deeply concerned because it would mean we weren’t winning.”


I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to 2016 and Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is running a strong and smart campaign. He is not wasting campaign money on political hacks getting kick-backs from political ads. He is greatful for all of his supporters and believes the difference between his campaign and others, is that grassroots matter! Amen! No other candidate is more stronger or more organized in more counties in more states on the ground than Ted Cruz! Put your body armour on and enjoy the ride! It’s going to get real ugly, real fast! God Bless America and God Bless Ted Cruz!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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