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Cruz Campaign Looking to Replicate IA Strike Force Success in New Hampshire


Remember when you were young and excited to go away for camp? If you were like me, I was young, energetic and looking forward to joining kids with the same interests. It was a lot of fun and there were plenty of great memories. Now fast forward about 40 years.

Since Camp Cruz opened on Dec. 4, over 300 volunteers have come through, and the campaign says it expects more than 700 by caucus day on Feb. 1. That expected surge finalized the Cruz team’s plans to open a second dorm, bringing the total number of rooms available to 48.

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Camp Cruz is brimming with energy from a variety of supporters, who range from teenagers lugged here with their parents to retirees who’ve left families behind to be a part of the cause. There’s always someone moving in or taking off. Some stay a week, others are in for the long haul. Welcome to #IAStrikeForce or Camp Cruz.

The rooms are bare-bones spaces, to put it mildly – a desk, a plastic table, a worn couch, single bed equipped with a heated blanket, and a small kitchen area.


The volunteers are there to work, and the days begin at the crack of dawn and run late. Sign-waving at major intersections in the city starts sharply at 7 a.m. to catch the morning rush. Then there’s meeting and mingling with others in the hallways, an 8 a.m. briefing from Ken Brolin, the Camp Cruz Manager, on the latest campaign news. Then, the IA Strike Force heads out the door and into a carpool to make calls or knock on doors, weather permitting.

Energy. Excitement. Enthusiasm. At Camp Cruz in Iowa these supporters have that and more. They are passionate about Senator Cruz and passionate about getting him elected as the next president of the United States.

Now take this enthusiasm and energy and think….Manchester, New Hampshire

Ted Cruz‘s presidential campaign has opened a residence for volunteers in New Hampshire as it continues to build out its ground game in the early voting states.

The residence, which sleeps 40 people every night, is housed in an old college outside Manchester, Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe told reporters. The volunteer hub is up and running through the Feb. 9 primary.

The residence is similar to one the campaign opened in December in Iowa, where it is housing a “strike force” of volunteers. The New Hampshire Camp Cruz or #NHStrikeForce is drawing from volunteers in the Granite State and surrounding states.


Where other candidates may be using their campaign funds to support additional media or TV ads, Cruz on the other hand, is using his funds to support an energized, enthusiastic and passionate grassroots army or “boots on the ground’ campaign. Well, I have to say, just like in “Star Wars”, the #StrikeForce is working! If you’ve been watching the latest polls, we all know who’s leading in Iowa.  And if the IAStrikeForce is any indication, I’m sure we’ll start to see the same ground swelling game in New Hampshire with the NHStrikeForce or Camp Cruz.

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Written by Nancy Hayes

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