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College Student Beaten Sharia-Style: You Won’t Believe What She Did


Welcome to the wonderful world of Sharia Law.  It’s coming your way faster than you think, courtesy of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party and their outreach to 200,000 Syrian terrorists “refugees.”

Hundreds of people gathered outside a mosque in Indonesia to see a woman scream out in agony after being caned as a punishment for being in ‘close proximity’ to a man she wasn’t married to.
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Nur Elita was marched to the yard of Baiturrahumim Mosque in Banda Aceh for violating the region’s strict Sharia laws, after she allegedly showed affectionate behaviour to a fellow university student.

Under the law men and women, who are not spouses, are not allowed to get too close due to the ‘khalwat’ offense and punishment is by public caning.

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The young woman received five lashes.

The man in question also was whipped, receiving five lashes.

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You can bet that Obama and Democrats are fully aware that they’re importing more than 200,000 “refugees.”

They’re importing demands that will be escalating to enforce Sharia Law.


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