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Chelsea Clinton’s Already Gearing Up for Presidential Run


You would think Chelsea would be sick of politics. The lies her parents have told over the years have made our nation much worse off.

With the kind of training in lying Chelsea has had, you can be sure she will be one of the best ever.

Do you think there could be any chance that she might actually see the light and turn out right?

Check it out:


One Clinton at a time, please.

The private invite to Chelsea Clinton’s Wednesday night fund-raiser, to be held at a swanky Upper East Side residence, reads that it’s in support of her mother’s 2016 presidential bid. But some of the big spenders plunking down the big bucks to attend say Chelsea’s future in politics has been the talk of her campaign rallies.

“You’re seeing the beginning of Chelsea Clinton preparing to run,” says a donor who attended Chelsea’s rally at Dr. Paul Boskind’s Midtown home last week, where “limited availability guest” entry started at $250 and $2,700 “champion” tickets included a photo with Chelsea. Our insider says: “A dynasty is on the way.”

The former first daughter, 35, has not been shy about her political ambitions, though where she’d begin her career in politics is anyone’s guess. Last March, Chelsea reportedly told Sky News that she’d “absolutely” consider seeking office.

“She’s clearly politically adept,” says our Clinton supporter. “People at these rallies think she’s prime for a run.”

Wednesday night’s Chelsea Clinton event is being co-hosted by tennis great Billie Jean King and billed as an “LGBT reception.” Gay rights were also very much on Chelsea’s mind at last week’s fund-raiser, where she assured donors that her mom would use executive action to push through legislation that would benefit the LGBT community.

“My mom would try to get through executive acts to at least make it illegal to have insurance companies reimburse for conversion therapy,” our insider heard her say.

According to our source, Chelsea also said at the last rally that “everything I care most about is at stake in the election,” adding that “the next President will probably appoint up to three justices on the next Supreme Court.”

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With the backing of the Clinton Foundation Chelsea will have crazy access to any office she desires.

Unfortunately, you can be sure she will be a liberal force to deal with for many years to come.


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