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As California Turns Third World, so does the nation..


They used to say California leads the nation.  In this instance they’d better not.

A California state bill was just signed in to law by Gov. Jerry Brown, that will register and allow illegal aliens to vote in US Elections.  The New Motor Voter Act (A.B.1461) that is now law in California, automatically registers residents of California to vote at the DMV.  According to the law and a report by the Washington Times, “The New Motor Voter Act automatically registers to vote all eligible voters when they obtain or renew their drivers licenses at the Department of Motor Vehicles instead of requiring them to fill out a form.”

Motor voter opened the door to massive voter fraud when it was first signed off at the federal level in the early 90s.  This will make the circle complete.


16-0108 Vote1

California, of course, issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens.  They’re no different than the license issued to a U.S. citizen.  This new law automatically registers every new driver in the state to vote.

“The goal is to ease barriers to voting, but election-integrity advocates warn that the measure could inadvertently add millions of illegal voters to the rolls given that California allows undocumented aliens to obtain drivers licenses.”

State officials – all Democrats – are enthralled with this new law that they see as a permanent employment for Democratic politicians.

California state officials are praising the law and Alex Padilla, California’s Secretary of State says, “Citizens should not be required to opt in to their fundamental right to vote.  We do not have to opt in to other rights, such as free speech or due process.  The right to vote should be no different.” State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez from San Diego said, “This bill will lead to millions more registered California voters, which means more people we can talk to.”

What could go wrong?

Critics of the law have called it for what it really is.  Absolute and complete voter fraud and corruption on a grand scale.  Stephen Frank from California Political Review issued a statement saying, “A.B. 1461 assures corruption of our elections.  Our elections will look like those of Mexico and other corrupt nations and honest people will stop voting, since illegals will out vote them.”  Linda Paine of the Elections Integrity Project says, “Citizens must oppose this treasonous attempt to turn California into a form of government that gives control to non-citizens.”

The bill was signed into law four months ago and as yet no one has filed suit to stop the practice.  Given that it’s California, any lawsuit would almost certainly be found in favor of the state at least through the 9th Circus.  It would take at least three years to make it to SCOTUS so it looks like the citizens of California are stuck with this for at least two elections.

Not that California was suddenly going to be swept up in a Republican wave …


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