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BREAKING: Undercover Common Core VIDEO Exposes Scammers


Paging Jeb Bush: “It’s all about the money”

This undercover video (it’ll be a series of them, trust me) exposes just one of the reasons (scams) of why on earth anyone – especially people involved in eductaion – would ACTUALLY Support Common Core:

Same reason you push ObamaCare: MONEY, duh.
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James O’Keefe (Project Veritas) cut his teeth while good friends with Andy Breitbart. As a result, James knows EXACTLY how to roll out a video(s).
First you give them a little taste – stuff they can plausibly deny or just say they were ‘kidding around’ – and everyone is satisfied that they’re out of the woods. Then you wait. You release more and the perpetrators begin the long road of COMPLETELY denying everything.
Then release another, more damning – and they’re caught. But like little kids, they can’t stop lying and attack the people who made the videos, say they’ve been edited, out-of-context, joking, etc. It’s fun to watch!


The mainstream media supports the “victims” and attacks the investigators as evil, right-wing conspirators – TERRORISTS!!!!
THEN – you release the full raw video(s), unedited with not only the incontrovertible evidence in the perps own words, but on top of that – the proof they’ve been lying all along about everything.
These crony-capitalists, live-baby abortionists, con-men, ACORN socialists, PBS leaches, common-core pushers, Amnesty hacks always fall for it.
When they’re caught – they can’t just come clean. Look for more videos like this one: 

Let’s let them squirm for a bit, eh?


Oh, don’t worry – they know more are coming. But they can’t stop lying – it’s their nature.

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