BREAKING: Ted Cruz Guilty of Once Being 18 years old‼ [SHOCKING VIDEO…not]

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The Iowa Caucuses are less than one week away and we all know what that means…mudslinging.

Well, you ARE in Iowa and it is hog country, in fact, it’s the top selling state of hogs in the U.S..

 Most candidates will be slinging mud at each other faster than you can say Jack Robinson. If you’ve been raised on a hog farm like me you know…mud sticks…like gum on a shoe. 

But, that doesn’t mean what you did when you were a typical young 18-year-old will? 

Here’s the video of the 18-yr-old Cruz that has the media in a tizzy….

  It turns out in 1988, when Ted Cruz was a high school senior at the Second Baptist School in Houston, Texas, he made a video announcing his goals in life. Cruz said he wanted to “take over the world, world domination…you know, rule everything, rich, powerful that sort of stuff.”
Now, of course, the MSM has their little underwear in a bunch. They think this is real news…as compared to you knows…news of our disastrous economy, high record employment, historical debt of our nation, or even radical Islamic terrorism.
Come on man!
You can keep digging as deep as you want, but you are NOT going to find ANYTHING of real news value. Senator Ted Cruz is a Strong, Principled, Christian Conservative Leader. Let me say that again – Strong, Principled, Christian, Conservative Leader. Probably haven’t heard of a candidate like that in awhile, I know. Cruz stands for the Constitution.
Of course, some people, like the Washington Cartel are scared to death that our nation will actually return to a land of laws. Too bad! They’re going to have to deal with it.
We The People are sick and tired of  the “go along get along” career politicians, the lobbyists with politicians in their pockets, and electing politicians that go to Washington and get lost in the cesspool. 
I think what this country needs is a good “kick in the pants” to return our nation to – a nation of laws.
So guess what?
I’m glad the people in Washington – the Washingon Cartel – don’t like Ted. Like I said – Too bad! It’s time to take this nation back!  It’s time to reignite America! It’s time for Ted Cruz for President!
Written by Nancy Hayes
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