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BREAKING: Team Hillary in a Panic Over Benghazi Film: Is She Done?


In an interview with Fox News on “The Kelly File,” three of the men who fought at Benghazi during the 2102 terrorist attack revealed that the State Department repeatedly told them to stand down during the siege.

This runs contrary to the Obama, Hillary and Candy Crowley account – all designed to throw the 2012 election. It worked, but you knew the truth would come out eventually:


Hat tip Conservative Tribune:

The interview with security contractors Mark “Oz” Geist, Kris “Tanto” Paronto and John “Tig” Tiegen was nominally about the release of the Michael Bay-directed movie about the Benghazi attacks, “13 Hours.”

However, during the segment on “The Kelly File,” the three dropped several bombshells about the actions of Hillary Clinton’s State Department on Sept. 11, 2012, that no doubt have the Hillary campaign scrambling for cover.

Watch this:

During the interview, Tiegen related that in spite of his warnings that Ambassador Chris Stevens was missing, the State Department still refused to let the forces engage, simply telling them to stand down in the face of a terrorist-led attack that Clinton and the Obama administration soon after tried to blame on Muslim anger over a movie trailer.

clinton,hillary 3

One thing is clear: Hillary Clinton is a big, fat, liar just like her redneck husband Bill, Barack Obama, John Kerry and all the other beyatches who are so invested in their own political aspirations that they are unable to utter the truth about dead Americans.

The three men were part of the team that helped Bay (“Bad Boys,” “Armageddon,” the “Transformers” series) craft an accurate and powerful narrative of the Benghazi attacks in “13 Hours.” They said watching the finished film was both difficult and exhilarating at the same time.

Tell us in the comments who you’re voting for and if you’re going to see this film.


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