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[Breaking News] Wayne Rogers 1933 – 2015


Wayne Rogers, the actor most famous for his role as Trapper John on the TV adaptation of M.A.S.H., has died from complications from pneumonia. Rogers was 82.


In a story from NBC News:

William Wayne McMillan Rogers III played the wry sidekick to Alan Alda’s Hawkeye Pierce for only the first three years of the series’ historically popular 11-season run on CBS. The character was originated by Elliott Gould in the 1970 Robert Altman movie of the same name and continued later in a spinoff series, “Trapper John M.D.,” played by Pernell Roberts.

Rogers went on to star in two other series, “City of Angels” and “House Calls,” for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe award in 1979. He portrayed the noted lawyer and civil rights activist Morris Dees in the acclaimed 1996 movie “Ghosts of Mississippi.”

Rogers was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and graduated from Princeton University with a degree in history. He served as a navigator in the Navy before becoming an actor in New York in the 1950s. According to a 2010 profile in Kleinfeld’s in-house magazine, Kleinfeld Manhattan, one of his roommates in the early years was Peter Falk.

He frequently appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Cashin’ In” and served as national chairman of the Easter Seals campaign.

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I will remember Wayne Rogers best from M.A.S.H., even though it seems like such a long time ago. I enjoyed watching you on the show and enjoyed your humor. More recently, I enjoyed watching Wayne on “Cashin’ In”. But above and beyond his acting career, Wayne Rogers was energetic, passionate and a very smart investor and will be missed by many on Fox News. Rest in Peace.

Our sincere sympathy to his family and loved ones during these difficult times. Peace be with you. 




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