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The Department of Homeland Security is actually rounding up border crossers.  I’m not willing to say they’re sealing the border, but apparently they’re picking up some illegals.  From the Washington Times.

Moving to belatedly counter a new surge of illegal border crossings, Homeland Security has launched a new effort to try to kick out new arrivals, Secretary Jeh Johnson said Monday, defending a series of raids over the weekend that have enraged immigrant-rights activists.

Mr. Johnson said the raids were targeted at adults and their children who snuck into the U.S. after May 1, 2014, which marked the high point of the surge of families and unaccompanied children who poured across the southwestern border, upsetting President Obama’s immigration plans and drawing attention to law enforcement policies.

Johnson said they’re “taking precautions” whatever that means.

I’m not holding out any hope that these illegal aliens are actually going to be deported, but it’s an interesting development from the administration that is trying to print citizenship papers for 15 million illegals and about 35 million of their relatives.

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