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BREAKING: Establishment Republicans Engage in Fraud


Republicans in the House are passing legislation that’s already cleared the Senate that will replace Obamacare and will defund Planned Parenthood.

Here’s Rep. Tom Price on the legislation.

Hold the fireworks.  Don’t buy any champagne.  In fact, you can roll over and go back to sleep.

This is nothing more than an effort by the Republican Establishment – hello Paul Ryan – to convince the base that they’re listening and they’re fighting Obama.  In fact, if Obama is paying any attention at all it’s just to take a moment out of his busy day confiscating guns to have a good, hearty laugh.

Republicans already passed a budget thanks to Paul Ryan.  Guess what?  ObamaCare is fully funded and so is Planned Parenthood.

When this piece of legislation goes to the House of Many Colors the President will promptly veto it and it will not be overridden.

The leadership will make lots of noise about how they “heard us” and then when the cameras are turned off they’ll have an expensive drink and an even more expensive steak (and they won’t say thanks) and a good laugh at the rubes who think they “did something.”

Don’t buy into it.  The Republican Establishment is no better than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  In fact, if either Trump or Cruz get the nomination you can expect to see the Establishment flee the Republican Party to support Hillary.


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