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#BlackLivesMatter Thugs Break Soldier’s Jaw – Then THIS Happens


#BlackLivesMatter is nothing more than a domestic terrorist group.

According to recent reports, a young Air Force mechanic’s deployment to Europe next month has been postponed after a Black Lives Matter activist punched him in the jaw outside of a Transit Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The incident occurred just after 23-year-old Matthew Whitehurst left a pre-season football game at Bank of American Stadium. Whitehurst and his two friends were reportedly going to grab something to eat when they were “ambushed” by protesters.

16-0105 BLM1

Whitehurst described the man that ultimately fractured his jaw as “a black male with a red bandana and dreadlocks.”

Any chance anybody will get arrested for this assault?  Nope.  #BlackLivesMatter never get arrested.

Why were #BlackLivesMatter roaming around Charlotte?  To protest the acquittal of a police officer who killed a black thug in 2013.

The protesters were in Charlotte to protest the recent acquittal of Officer Randall Kerrick, who killed Jonathan Ferrell, a black man, in self-defense back in September 2013.

It is unknown why the protesters went after Whitehurst, a member of our armed forces.

It’s not “unknown” at all.  They went after him because he was there and he was white.  It was a hate crime though no police agency will ever admit that or charge one of these punks with a hate crime.  After all, the rhetoric from the Obama DoJ seems to be that blacks are incapable of “hate.”

Whitehurst’s father is quoted as saying, “A bunch of hoodlums that are throwing their lives away punched my son from behind who is serving his country and has his stuff together.  I just drove home my son who has his jaw wired shut, and a mandible fracture in two places with a plate and his jaw wired shut, and he threw up on the way home with his mouth shut.”

We wish Airman Whitehurst a quick recovery, and we wish #BlackLivesMatter everything they deserve in the New Year.  Everything.


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