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Bad Day for Hillary: Mainstream Media Fairly Explains Credible Rape Allegation Against Bill


“Vox” is a far left newsplainer site.  They take a talking point and bore you to death with explanations of what it “really” means.  They are the New York Times or Washington Post or MSNBC on muscle relaxers and sleeping pills.  And last week they wrote about Bill Clinton and rape.  You wouldn’t expect much.


I must admit, when I clicked this morning on Vox’s ”explainer” of Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegation against Bill Clinton, I expected a whitewash. I was wrong. Not only did Dylan Matthews do an excellent job laying out the story, he reminded me of a number of details I’d forgotten.


Could that portend tough times for Hillary over the coming months?  When an “in the bag” source like Vox outs Bill can everyone else be far behind?

Her story is infuriating, painting a picture of casual, callous brutality. Broaddrick, then a Clinton gubernatorial campaign volunteer, claims that Clinton asked to switch a planned meeting from a hotel lobby to her hotel room. After a few minutes of small talk, Broaddrick says that Clinton began kissing her. She resisted Clinton’s advances, but he “pulled her back onto the bed and forcibly had sex with her.” During the alleged attack, he bit her lip. When he saw that it was bruised and swollen, she claims he said, “You better get some ice on that.” Then he “put on his sunglasses and walked out the door.”

The whole article is worth a read, all the gruesome details are there.  Including how Hillary put subtle pressure on her to keep her mouth shut.

16-0113 Rape

Hillary likes to tout her “feminist credentials.”  They’re every bit the lie that the “Benghazi video” is.

This campaign could be fun to watch.  Will the media continue to cover for Bill while convicting Bill Cosby?  That would be downright racist.


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