Armed U.S. Militia Takes Over Federal Building!

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Americans are tired of the federal government sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Militias will not put up with much more.

With the federal government owning so much land in the heartland of the county it is no wonder there are problems. There is no reason for the feds to own this and it should be turned over to the states.patriot

There are so many departments and regulations that it is probably difficult even for the federal government to keep things straight.

Hopefully the feds will back off and back out.

Check it out:

Protesting the jailing of a 73-year-old rancher and his son, some 100 armed militia men took over a federal building in rural western Oregon and say they will occupy it “as long as it takes” to stop what they see as federal “tyranny.”

Organizers, who include Ammon Bundy and two other sons of a Nevada rancher who battled the government in 2014, are calling on reinforcements from around the country and say they will defend themselves.

The site of the protest is the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, about 280 miles east of Portland.

It was touched off by the planned imprisonment on Monday of Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond, who were prosecuted for a controlled burn of 130 acres of leased federal land they claimed was to stop the spread of invasive plants. The burn took place in 2001. Prosecutors said the fire was set to hide poaching. Each of the ranchers face five years in prison.

“We will be here as long as it takes,” said Ammon Bundy, a spokesman for the group and the son of Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher who clashed with the feds two years ago.

“We have no intentions of using force upon anyone, (but) if force is used against us, we would defend ourselves,” Ammon Bundy said while issuing a broad appeal for others to come join the occupation in a show of support.

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Obama has been such a coward on the international stage. This will probably be something he will stand up to and try to make a point.

He’ll use this as an example of control conservatives who need reined in. His answer will be to take their guns away. Notice that in his utopia the only ones with guns are the feds.

Tyranny certainly has an interesting way of showing itself.

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